H-113 Side table

  • H-113 Side table - Armchairs, coffee tables and desks kollekció / Dale Italia | Tilelook

H-113 Side table

Márka Dale Italia
Kollekció Armchairs, coffee tables and desks
Kategória Éjjeliszekrények
Kód H-113
Méret 60x35x59 cm


At DALE Italia, our collections span the full range of furnishings, endeavouring always to be exclusive and forward-looking in style. Armchairs and coffee tables are a further element in the contemporary living concept. Solid wood and exquisite finishes are protagonists in a story of design that tells of art deco accents and distinct forms. Glass coffee tables and side tables with a contemporary wood or softly stylish design, coordinating with the writing desks which come in a full range of finishes. Desks of vintage, timeless allure with drawers and hideaway compartments. Tovább Kevesebb mutatása
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