Lighting Wall-Mounted Fabbian-Illuminazione Pivot-F39G05

  • Lighting Wall-Mounted Fabbian-Illuminazione Pivot-F39G05 - Applique kollekció / Fabbian | Tilelook

Lighting Wall-Mounted Fabbian-Illuminazione Pivot-F39G05

Márka Fabbian
Kollekció Applique
Kategória Fali lámpák
Kód F39G0501
Méret 159x3x4 cm


The wall and ceiling lamp Pivot is composed of an aluminium bar available in three finishes: white, dark and light grey. The special feature of this lamp is the possibility of adjusting the light upwards or downwards, thanks to the rotating structure. Moreover, it is possibile to mount the bar with the light source directed towards the wall or directly towards the room. Very essential and minimal in its design, it is a lamp that is suitable for the lighting of various spaces. Thanks to the different sizes available, it can light up a painting, a mirror or a bed headboard, making it a very versatile lamp. Tovább Kevesebb mutatása

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