Sofa W

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Sofa W

Márka Fama Sofas
Kollekció Pacific
Kategória Kanapék
Kód 0077
Méret 335x92x104 cm


Pacific is a very special modular programme with an overwhelming personality. It consists of six platforms of different measures which you can add or remove backrests to in the blink of an eye with a really smart fixing system.Therefore, a footstool platform can be converted into a module or a sofa in less than a minute, without screws or tools. You can convert two independent conventional sofas into a modern chaise longue opened on both sides. In addition to the various measures of rectangular platforms, this model has a curved piece that allows us to create the most comfortable You&Me, an attractive chaise longue or an elegant curved sofa, very original and cosy. With a generous depth, Pacific lets you play with its different cushions to suit every position or situation. Tovább Kevesebb mutatása
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