Diesis 2828 vers.352

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Diesis 2828 vers.352

Márka Natuzzi
Kollekció Diesis 2828
Kategória Kanapék
Kód 2828352
Méret 70x77x105 cm


The Diesis sofa is compact and ideal for apartment living . Features include special piping detail on the armrest and subtle wooden feet. The adjustable headrest helps customize your mode of relaxation. It's also available as a sofa bed with the innovative Greenplus mattress. Options: - Piping in contrast colour - Recliner mechanism with “zero wall” system; the seating and backrest move forward, inclining as the sofa opens so there's no need to keep it away from the wall - Version with relaxation function is equipped with the exclusive Soft Touch mechanism, allowing you to slide your finger along the sensor on the armrest to change the seat and backrest position for optimum comfort -Feet available in different wood finishes Versatillity: - Model available in several configurations to meet the consumer space requests. View the technical sheet for more details. Tovább Kevesebb mutatása
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