Moon back to wall bidet

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Moon back to wall bidet

Márka Scarabeo
Kollekció Moon
Kategória Fürdőszoba kiegészítők
Kód 5523
Méret 36x40x54 cm


The Moon free-standing bidet is a single-hole sanitary fixture made with top quality Italian ceramic, scratch-resistant and resistant to shocks and wear, practical and functional, this bathroom furniture element is also a design object that enchants the eye and that has the ability to enhance the compositional whole, creating an impeccable a salle de Bain.
This bidet with its soft rounded lines is a sanitary without excess with a simple and enveloping shape, an exceptional solution that, with its harmony, is always able to enhance the most intimate corners of the home.
Characterized by a meticulous attention to detail, the floor-standing bidet of the Moon line perfectly meets any aesthetic and use need, with its warm and reassuring design, this Sanitary offers the traditionality of the floor mounted bidet with the modernity of a design that looks to the future, adapting this symbiosis in an impeccable way to every environment and every style. Tovább Kevesebb mutatása

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