Washbasin 42x42

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Washbasin 42x42

Márka Scarabeo
Kollekció Moon
Kategória Countertop washbasins
Kód 5501
Méret 42x18x42 cm


The new shape of the Moon washbasin transforms the most banal bathroom into a modern, innovative, pleasant to see and experience. The classic sink is replaced by more agile and light shapes, suitable to be positioned even in environments with limited spaces. In a large bathroom, the Moon washbasin stands out for its class, but in small bathrooms the fine line that distinguishes it gives a pleasant sensation of finesse. Moon is a countertop washbasin that takes on different personalities depending on the materials on which it is placed: elegant on ceramic, more casual on a wooden surface, important on marble. The white color adapts to the colors of the base, allowing you to combine it without problems.
The Moon countertop washbasin has dimensions of 42 centimeters by 42 centimeters, for a height of 18 centimeters. The central drain hole has a diameter of 50 mm and is equipped with a click  pipette. There is no overflow hole. The weight of the washbasin is 12 kilograms and the capacity is 18 liters of water. The tap can be placed on the countertop in an angular or even central position with respect to the sink and a tap in a simple and essential style, like the lines of the sink itself, is particularly suitable. The shape is square, with rounded corners to soften the design, while the thin thickness of the edges gives an idea of ​​lightness.
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