Washbasin 70x42

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Washbasin 70x42

Márka Scarabeo
Kollekció Moon
Kategória Countertop washbasins
Kód 5502
Méret 72x18x42 cm


The 70x42 cm washbasin of the Moon line is a decorative sink designed to offer great comfort to those who decide to place it in their bathroom. With simple and harmonious features, this washbasin conveys an exquisitely modern elegance and is perfect for furnishing bathrooms with a modern look in which you want to recreate an orderly atmosphere free from bulky and superfluous details. Alone or in coordination with the other elements of the collection to which it belongs, it represents an ideal washbasin for setting up not only modern bathrooms but also for the premises of professional structures and aimed at the public.
The modern but classy look of the washbasin is perfectly completed with the combination with the New Line wooden top, available in armagnac, oak, ash, corten and cement finishes. Even the ceramic surfaces of the washbasin can be chosen in various shades: the color palette offers, alongside the timeless white, the possibility of requesting the washbasin in pearl, night, ash, tobacco and lava colors. Those who want to amaze with new and exclusive colors can also choose to have the Moon 70x42 cm washbasin created with a luxurious finish in shades of gold, silver and platinum, with floral decorations or with elegant double-tones.
The ceramic of the Moon sink, already a guarantee of robustness and hygiene, can be treated with the Scarabeo Bio System and therefore covered with an innovative, invisible and extremely long-lasting film. This special treatment combines an antibacterial action with an intense protection of the ceramic which is immune to dirt stagnation and allows its surfaces to be cleaned more easily and effectively.
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