AGORA’ One Decoration

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AGORA’ One Decoration

Márka Tubes Radiatori
Kollekció Agorà
Kategória Radiátor
Méret 42x91x12 cm


Agorà, was conceived by pondering the need for a product that combined a strong industrial focus with a beguiling design. The objective set was to achieve a product catering to the needs of the designer, which would - depending on the circumstances - blend in seamlessly with more traditionaldécors as well as accommodate more architecturally structured settings, where it would be strongly incorporated into the space. This approach was vital to imagining Agorà as a product featuring a modular assembly and dimensional freedom, focusing both on defining harmonious shapes inspired by the precious and limitless pool of our memories. Agorà radiators are made entirely of recyclable aluminium, and are designed to heat all the rooms in a home, both for new builds as well as refurbishments.
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