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Pure white. Light, bright and versatile, this design opens up the room and lends itself to both traditional and modern projects, both as the primary color or combined with other designs. A blank canvas
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Scopri il brand Ariostea
Ariostea was founded in 1961. It manufactures products with a high technological content paying particular attention to the impact on the environment. The company's added value is represented by the following international certifications: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, EMAS. ARIOSTEA THE BEATING HEART OF CUTTING-EDGE TECHNOLOGY SINCE 1961. High quality combined with unrivalled technology has enabled us to re-interpret some of the rarest, most refined and valuable products of nature, while also enhancing their tecnica and qualitative properties, saving many of these materials from oblivion. In this way, Ariostea allows you to appreciate and take full advantage of some of the most prized materials available. Other hallmarks include exceptional functionality, hygiene, safety and long-lasting durability: for what can also be seen as the perfect green, ecological alternative. The concept of the material is new and constantly being developed upon in the search for ultimate quality.

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