Bath BD13

  • BD13 - Collezione Bath di Antrax | Tilelook
  • BD13 - Collezione Bath di Antrax | Tilelook

Bath BD13

Brand Antrax
Collezione Bath
Categoria Scaldasalviette
Codice BD13
Formato 39x188x11 cm

Descrizione prodotto

The Towel warmers collection includes all the models in the Antrax range specifically studied and sized to optimise and improve radiator functionality within the bathroom. Several configurations can be implemented, from towel warmers with vertical elements to those with a horizontal arrangement of elements. Models include those with classic round tubes, which are available in two different diameters, either 13 mm or 25 mm. Or customers can opt for the more modern rectangular tubes, which are available with a 15 x 20 mm cross section (Trim bath model) or with a 20 x 15 mm cross section (H_20 Bath model). Leggi di più Meno

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