• JACUZZI ARGA - Collezione Wellness Jacuzzi di Jacuzzi | Tilelook
  • JACUZZI ARGA - Collezione Wellness Jacuzzi di Jacuzzi | Tilelook
  • JACUZZI ARGA - Collezione Wellness Jacuzzi di Jacuzzi | Tilelook

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Brand Jacuzzi
Collezione Wellness Jacuzzi
Categoria Vasche
Formato 175x59x85 cm

Acquisti da rivenditori autorizzati e paghi solo quando sei soddisfatto

Descrizione prodotto

ARGA® design is fluid, minimalistic and versatile.‎ An oval, reassuring shape, in which you can lose track of time being lulled by the water flow and the suggestive atmosphere created by the lighting.‎
ARGA® is available in two finishes – white matte or glossy acrylic – and can be installed freestanding or back-to-wall.‎ It will be distributed from January 2019 through all Jacuzzi® showrooms.‎

ARGA®, from ancient Greek “slow”, Jacuzzi® design in collaboration with Why Not, is an experience able to redefine physical and mental balance thanks to three distinctive and unique features:
Swirlpool® Technology: a delicate swirl envelops the body, creating a warm embrace
Whisper+ Technology™:a sweet sound, soft and delicate, for moments of true relaxation
Chromotherapy: the carousel function generates relaxing lighting effects for a personal moment of wellness
Dedicated Bath Salts: produced from natural elements, an infusion is poured from the infuser integrated to the bath edge for a customised treatment
Swirpool® Technology, innovative and unprecedented, creates a quiet, pleasant swirl through the subtle jets that promotes calm and relaxation, also thanks to the lighting effects made by the integrated LEDs.‎ ARGA® technologykeeps the water at the desired temperature chosen at the beginning of the bath experience, without needing to add hot water.‎ Relaxation, therefore, will be complete and immersive.‎
The Whisper+ Technology™ allows the client to live an immersive experience of tranquillity, just as a mountain stream.‎ A peaceful experience, calm and quiet, opposed to the pervasive and disruptive noise of modern metropolis.‎
ARGA® integrated LEDsallow to fully enjoy the benefits of chromotherapy: colours that complement the Salts essence and the soft water flow, for a peaceful sensation never experienced before.‎
ARGA® is the first and only bathtub equipped with a Bath Salts infuser: natural extracts rich of active substances that flow from a relaxing waterfall.‎ The infuser releases the Bath Salts designed by Jacuzzi® experts into the water uniformly and evenly thanks to the flow generated by Swirpool® technology.‎ The four available essences - Carpo, Thallo, Auxo ed Eirene, names inspired by the Horae, mythological Greek goddesses – revitalise, regenerate, relax, and provide perfect psychophysical balance.‎ Created with ARGA®, the Jacuzzi® BathSalts can be used with any bathtub.‎
ARGA® control systemis an elegant touchpad: essential in shape, characterised by an oval profile, integrated on the bathtub rim, easily accessible even from seated or laying position.‎ There are three touch controls to activate the Swirpool® whirl, the chromotherapy function and the BathSalts infusion located in a hidden tank below the surface.‎ Leggi di più Meno

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