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Brand Jacuzzi
Collezione Wellness Jacuzzi
Categoria Box doccia
Formato 100x213x70 cm

Descrizione prodotto

The new Jacuzzi® shower system designed to fit every space
A dynamic set of points, lines and polygons that run along the Cartesian axes, changing shape and size: XYZ+™, the tailor-made wellness solution meets all needs, functions and styles.‎ Thanks to XYZ+™ you can choose a unique shower and discover the right formula to find their own “wellness coordinates”.‎
All-In solution
A ready-made, fully-equipped shower corner, with the added advantage of being able to choose the door and shower tray size, the door opening direction, the mixer technology and the finishes.‎ A simple, complete and modular solution when wellness cannot wait.‎ Equipped with a guide for quick and practical installation.‎

XYZ+™ is a union of three wishes flexibility, freedom and purity that combine to create ultimate well-being.‎
This is a product that embodies the purest of forms offering morning showers for a chance to reconnect, evening showers to relieve the stresses of your day and late-night showers for peaceful contemplation.‎ Leggi di più Meno

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