APSV 080

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APSV 080

Brand Ravak
Collezione Supernova
Categoria Pareti per vasca
Formato 80x137x2 cm

Descrizione prodotto

The solid wall of the bathtub 70/75/80 cm profile color: white, satin filling of the plastic rain or safety glass: transparent / grape wall was composed of a single solid element. The product is made of thick-walled profiles with high quality finishes and a maximum tightness. Bathtub AVDP3 door in combination with a solid wall APSV can be installed in rectangular tanks (Classic Sonata, Campanula II, II and Vanda lily) or any classic bath with an equal rectangular top edge. Wall bath mixer APSV can not install yourself. The standard height of the wall is 1370 mm. A door with a fixed wall are connected via a corner profile, which is part of a fixed wall. Bathtub AVDP3 turning the door during the assembly by 180 °, we obtain the right or left variant input. With the profile of developing a product can be extended to about 2 cm. Bath door with a fixed wall can also be ordered to measure. Leggi di più Meno
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