Dorset Woolliscroft - Sowton Industrial Estate | Tilelook Tactile Blister de Dorset Woolliscroft

Like Tactile Corduroy this hard wearing Tactile contains porcelain aggregate throughout. The Blister profile is designed to warn the visually impaired of the edge of all off-street platforms and pavements near crossings. It is also used for heavy rail platforms.

  •  Thickness of 12.5mm means it is very strong and rigid for very heavy traffic areas
  •  Meets the requirements of the Joint Mobility Unit of the RNIB, DETR and the CAE
  •  Profile conforms to British and European standards
  •  Exceptional performance and safety standards
  •  ‘Corduroy’ option also available
  •  Network Rail approved
  •  No colour fading in UV light

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