La Faenza Ceramica - Imola | Tilelook Legno de La Faenza

A ceramic project whose name reveals its identity: a wood-effect surface that does not need to be introduced or described. Legno stems from the desire to create a natural product with contemporary, warm minimalism. It is of great class, without knots and without any discordant colours from one piece to another. The colours reflect the original aim: the three warm shades - light, medium and dark - make the product as natural as possible, and white is offered with a current and modern logic. This year, LaFaenza finds its highest aspiration in 'precious living', setting a goal to develop prestigious projects that can communicate with each other, while maintaining distinct identities and stylistic features; with its soft and discrete surfaces, Legno falls perfectly within this conceptual and aesthetic philosophy, while linking with the other two projects, Bianco and Metallo, with great synergy.
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