Peronda - Onda | Tilelook Ghent 4D de Peronda

Ghent presents the brand’s largest format to date–100x260–in its 4D version, perfect for creating seamless, continuous-looking surfaces. Cutting-edge Shaped Tech tile printing technology has been used to manufacture these large-format tiles. Ghent 4D also comes in 100x180 and 100x100 formats so that wall and floor surfaces tiled in matching sizes can be created, with a continuous joint and perfect attention to detail. Its limestone design comes in a choice of white, silver, beige and grey, with a design rich in subtle nuances, whose fossil remains and saline effects take us back through history . The same design is also available in a 8 mm-thick 100x100 non-slip version, suitable for use outdoors for creating seamless transitions between indoor and outdoor floor areas, generating an added sense of spaciousness.
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