99410 - LAVABO Single lever basin tap 250mm Marina Evo

  • 99410 - LAVABO Single lever basin tap 250mm - Colecção Marina Evo do Clever Griferia | Tilelook

99410 - LAVABO Single lever basin tap 250mm Marina Evo

Marca Clever Griferia
Coleção Marina Evo
Categoria Misturadoras de lavatório
Código 99410
Tamanho 5x31x16 cm

Descrição do produto

The Marina Evo basin tap is a tribute to the 5 senses. It incorporates some of the latest innovations in faucet equipment and presents a modern design with sinuous curves. It combines beauty and functionality and offers all the guarantees of a perfect bathroom operation. Its dimensions make it perfect and its anti-splash system makes it perfect for all types of washbasins, from bowl to flat and of all dimensions.

It is made of high-quality chrome-plated brass with a low density of lead and tin. The shape of the spout is enhanced with the UltraSlim aerator filter that provides volume and elegance in the fall of the water. Temperature and pressure are managed from the handle.

This basin faucet can be mounted directly by the user without the need for tools or expert supervision. The parts and elements in contact with water are subjected to different quality tests in the factory during and after their manufacture, like the rest of Clever taps, it offers a 5-year guarantee.

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