ASDP3 100

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ASDP3 100

Marca Ravak
Coleção Supernova
Categoria Cabine de duche
Tamanho 99x188x6 cm

Descrição do produto

Shower doors sliding tříjdílné ideal door to form the spray space from the niche (i.e. walled space with three walls). The dimensions of 80, 90, 100, 110, 120, 130 cm frame design: white / satin filling plastic: pearl or safety glass: transparent / grape. The product comprises one fixed panel and two movable parts. Product height is 1880 mm. Turn the product by 180 degrees left or right click option of sliding doors. It is installed into tiled corner of the bathroom on trays RAVAK Aneta, Angela, Perseus, Perseus Pro, Flat Perseus Pro, Gigant Pro, Gigant Pro Flat or directly on the floor with an integrated drain unit. Combining one fixed wall type APSS create the shower of "L" shape, combining the two walls create APSS type shower "U". Shower doors we can solve for peace. Ler mais Menos
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Ravak Příbram - República Checa 593 Produto

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