Бренд Idea Group
Коллекция Nyu
Категория Мебель для раковины
Формат 160x169x50 cm
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Описание продукции

Nyù by Aqua, a collection of discreet, elegant bathroom furniture distinguished by clean-cut details, the intrinsic beauty of the materials and the craftsmanship applied to its manufacture. A line of modern bathroom furniture that creates new personal space by using timeless décor distinguished by beautifully matched lines and depths. The design of this collection and its bathroom accessories provide pleasant sensations. There are finishes for all tastes: There are finishes for all tastes: matt or glossy brushed lacquers in a host of colours, or HPL Unicolor laminates for more traditional aesthetics in an innovative material with a highly resistant surface. The modularity of Nyù bathroom furniture provides great customisation possibilities: the project can be based on a floor-standing vanity unit or a suspended cabinet designed to personal taste or needs. The style of the bathroom is further enhanced by details: a mirror with LED lighted frame and open end units.

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